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Shapley's M-T-G 946ml

Shapley's M-T-G 946ml

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Promotes  both healthy skin and hair regrowth for manes and tails
• Offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days!
• Also great to use on pets and livestock
• Easily and effectively removed with Hi Shine Shampoo
And if you don't like the smell of Original M-T-G try Original M-T-G Plus!!
1.Shake bottle to mix thoroughly.
2.Apply sparingly directly to problem spots.
3.Don’t pick off scabs.
4.Apply during the coolest part of the day (product heats up).
5.For hair growth - Massage into the hair roots once a week.
  (No need to wash out)
Use Hi Shine Shampoo to remove M-T-G residue from coat and rugs.
To remove the smell from your hands, spray on Easy Out and rub well and then wash out. The smell is gone!