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Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers
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Lulu's Kitchen Meal Toppers

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Meal Toppers & Enhancers

Meal toppers are enhancers to your dog's meal! Our Meal Toppers add much needed nutrient content and flavour to your dogs meal.

Whether your dog eats raw or kibble meals - our Meal Topper & Enhancers are the perfect addition to make them more excited for their food, whilst easily changing the flavour with a shake of a bag!


Get Topped Ground Mussel. Mussels are any dog's favourite and a nutrient powerhouse unmatched by virtually every other food that exists. There is a reason they are commonly called one of the ultimate superfoods known to man! Mussels are incredibly good for doggo health, this cannot be underestimated! Great for the skin, coat, joints, immune system, muscle development and brain function - you really can't get much better!


100% Green Lipped Mussels.

Gettin Clucky is Shredded Chicken Breast Jerky - this super lean, high protein, nutrient dense meal topper is a M-U-S-T for your pooch! One of Lulu's all time favourites!

Sprinkle over your dog's meal or mix with some Greek Yoghurt and add to an eMat for a delicious and nutritious snack!

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Made from 100% Aussie Chicken!

Lamby Get It - a fantastic shredded mix of Lamb - this topper has crumb and larger pieces mixed, making each topping over your dog's meal a bit unique!

Slightly fattier than our Beef topper - it's a Vitamin B Powerhouse, an excellent way to help boost the immune system, is high in protein and adds a splash of flavour to any meal!

100% Australian Lamb.

Hop On Top is made with our shredded Kangaroo Proteins; Jerky and Kidney! It's crumbly and light weight - offering excellent value for money! It's tasty, lean and incredibly high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

This is a Meal Topper we'd recommend mixing into your dog's meals on a daily basis.

100% Australian Kangaroo.

Feelin' Beefy is made with our shredded Beef - it's Beef pieces in all different shapes and sizes. Simply sprinkle over your dog's meals to change up the flavour and add nutritional content.

Packed with protein, iron and vitamins - give your dog a natural hit of taste!

Made from 100% Beef Liver!

Let's Get Crumby is made with ground Australian fish, predominantly Whiting! Packing a nutritious punch - these fish bits are a delectable item that makes adding fish to your dog's meal simple! You DON’T need to use much! Just sprinkle over the meal!

Great for ageing dogs and those with arthritic ailments and joint mobility issues. Packed with vitamin b, magnesium and protein. Also high in Omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy coat!


100% Australian Whiting.

Sizes: 100g


Our treats come in a 100% Australian Made and printed bag, an industry first