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Himalayan Rock Salt Lick with Rope

Himalayan Rock Salt Lick with Rope

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Product Features and Benefits
Salt is an essential part of a horses’ diet. Numerous studies confirm it provides a valuable source of minerals and trace elements, assists healthy digestion, acts as an electrolyte on hot days replacing what is lost from perspiration, promotes water consumption to reduce dehydration, as well as boosting nutrient absorption into the bloodstream for healthy cells bodily functions.

This rock salt lick is ideal to ensure your horse s getting enough salt throughout the day, all while keeping your horse entertained in the paddock or stables as it licks and plays.

Suitable for horses and other livestock, this rock salt lick is a perfect mineral supplement that they can use at any time. Hang it in the paddock or stable with the handy rope attachment. Ideal for summer when essential salts are lost through sweating.

• 100% natural rock salt from the Himalayas
• Sizes: 1KG, 3KG, or 5 KG
• Natural shape with a central rope attachment for hanging.