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Himalayan Rock Salt Granules - 1KG
Himalayan Rock Salt Granules - 1KG

Himalayan Rock Salt Granules - 1KG

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Product Features and Benefits
Easy to add to your daily feeds, these salt granules are 100% natural. Great for horses who don't like the salt blocks or if you need to closely monitor how much salt your horse is consuming.

Salt is an essential part of a horses’ diet. A great source of minerals and trace elements, salt assists healthy digestion, acts as an electrolyte on hot days replacing what is lost from perspiration, promotes water consumption to reduce dehydration, as well as boosting nutrient absorption into the bloodstream for healthy cells bodily functions.

Give your horse the essential salts they need for a healthier and happier body!

• Size: 1kg bag of granules
• 100% natural rock salt from the Himalayas