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Groomers Goop 5 in 1 Leave in Spray 236ml
Galloping Goop

Groomers Goop 5 in 1 Leave in Spray 236ml

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Groomer's Goop Detangling 5 IN 1 Spray benefits:

  • Conditions
  • Detangles
  • Adds fresh scent
  • Increases coat shine
  • Reinforces fur health

Specifically designed to minimise pet discomfort while grooming a matted/tangled coat. Our gentle formula helps loosen tight, matted fur resulting in a pain-free experience while also achieving our added benefits.

If combined with the Groomer's Goop Shampoo Wipes, pet owners can achieve a completely waterless bath.

Groomer's Goop formula is safe for all breeds and gentle enough to safely be used on puppies and kittens