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Farmalogic EVM TropiCAL 4.8kg

Farmalogic EVM TropiCAL 4.8kg

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For mature pleasure horses grazing high oxalate grass.

What is EVM TropiCAL Blend?

Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend provides all the minerals often missing from the equine diet including chelated calcium for horses grazing high oxalate tropical or kikuyu pastures. It is best suited to mature horses at rest or in light work. For breeding, growing or hard working horses, EVM TropiCAL-Pro is recommended.

Equine Vit&Min is unique in its ability to balance the mineral profile across the whole diet.

It contains a blend of organic and inorganic minerals with added salt, biotin and Vitamin E. It includes chelated sources of calcium, zinc, copper and selenium. With added biotin and Vitamin E but no sweeteners or fillers.

Equine Vit&Min gives you the freedom to raise or lower your horse’s calorie intake (by feeding more or less grain, pellets, super fibres or oil) whilst knowing that the vitamin and mineral requirements are ALL being met.

Equine Vit&Min TropiCAL Blend can:

  • Add calcium to offset oxalate levels in pastures.
  • Top up the minerals often missing in horse diets to at least the minimum recommended levels (according to NRC 2007).
  • Balance the critical mineral ratios across the whole diet.
  • Directions for Use

    Mix daily serve of EVM TropiCAL Blend into horse’s slightly dampened feed. Unlike other Equine Vit&Min blends, TropiCAL includes a daily serve of salt which allows the product to be used as a loose lick since horses’ appetites for salt matches their actual requirement. Ideally, the product is best served daily, but when management conditions only facilitate free choice minerals, TropiCAL can be made available free choice in a free-draining container kept under shelter.

    When grazing 100% High Oxalate Pasture, no hay fed:

    Miniature: 75g/day
    Pony: 100g/day
    Galloway: 150g/day
    Horse: 175g/day
    Reduce by 20% for every 2kg Lucerne hay fed.

    When grazing 50% high oxalate pasture, no hay fed:

    Miniature: 50g/day
    Pony: 75g/day
    Galloway: 125g/day
    Horse: 150g/day
    Reduce by 30% for every 2kg Lucerne hay fed.

    If using a fortified feed such as pellets or muesli mix, reduce the rate of Equine Vit&Min. Do not feed more Equine Vit&Min unless advised by a veterinarian or nutritionist. Always provide fresh, clean water. Dosage can be halved and fed twice daily. Scoop included in pack holds 100g.