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CEN CF50 Vitamin & Mineral Pellet 7kg
CEN CF50 Vitamin & Mineral Pellet 7kg

CEN CF50 Vitamin & Mineral Pellet 7kg

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CF50 GRAIN-FREE Vitamin & Mineral Pellet

CEN CF50 is safe for laminitic, ulcer prone, colic prone or horses with metabolic conditions. It’s suitable for overweight/ IR / Cushings horses.

CEN CF50 is specifically balanced and provides horses with a healthy palatable vitamin and mineral supplement, which reduces the wastage that can result from feeding powdered supplements. 

CEN CF50 provides the necessary nutrients to promote a happier healthier horse. It is ideal for pleasure horses up to elite equine athletes.

Feed Rate


Not in Work – 100g
Light Work – 100 – 150g
Moderate Work – 150 – 200g
Heavy Work – 200 – 250g
Pregnant and Lactating Mares – 150 – 200g
Breeding Stallions – 100 – 150g
Weanlings, Yearlings & 2YOs – 150 – 200g
Aged Horse (not in work) – 100 – 150g